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The benefits of meditation 

There is not right way to meditate. There is only your way. Whatever makes you feel good.
With time and practice meditation will get more intense.

Play the video on the right to watch.

How to raise happy teens?

This is an audio powerpoint presentation I did for parents experiencing difficulties with their teenager.


In this one hour long deck, I share specific tools for you to help your teen find peace and happiness.

How to create change in your life.

We all have the power to change our life- the question is if you are ready for it or not.


Are you evolving or creating old patterns over and over again? There is no in between.

In order to change, the desire to change needs to be stronger than anything else to the point that "the thing to change" becomes unbearable.

Teaching appreciation to your kids and the benefits

The younger we teach our children to be grateful and show appreciation for the simplest things in life, the more we are teaching them to find alignement and happiness.

Appreciation and developing a feeling of gratitude is like a muscle. The more we practice, the stronger it becomes. 

Comment gérer la colère des enfants?

Que faire lorsque votre enfant vous fait une grosse crise de colère?


Comment garder votre calme? Comment l’aider à gérer ses émotions?

Des petits conseils qui vous seront utiles.

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