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Overcoming Anxiety WorkBook

We are all going through very difficult times since the pandemic started. I has been almost a year that our lives have been turned upside down creating more anxiety and worry about the future. We are being asked to live in the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring in terms of finances, work or health.

We are facing with what most humans hate the most: unpredictability. No more planning, no more entertainment to distract ourselves from our anxiety. We are bing asked to go within and this is not easy.

Anxiety can be tricky to identify. You might be experiencing anxiety without being aware of it.

This workbook is very accessible and straightforward, offering a clear understanding and motivation to complete the work of healing. It incorporates a holistic approach, providing resources, tools and strategies to manage your anxiety so you can feel, heal and function at your best again.

This workbook is for you if:

- You are often stressed out or anxious.

- You are experiencing any of these: difficulty sleeping, anger, constantly avoiding specific situations, ruminating with negative thoughts, you find yourself overplanning.

- You find yourself sometimes in difficult and anxious situations and you don't know how to cope with it.

I am sharing in this workbook the best practices implemented throughout all my years of practice as a clinical psychologist and as a result of, obtaining great results with my clients.

This is a digital product. You will receive an email to download the pdf after your purchase.

How to encourage your child to learn and actually enjoy it?

Let's face it, many parents struggle with their children when it comes to homework. How many times do we have to repeat "honey, did you do your homework today?". 

Each time it is the same thing. They have zero motivation, they get mad or they stressed out whenever we bring up the word "homework". 

If you are reading this right now, chances are that you've tried so many things to motivate your child but nothing seems to work.

This course is for:

- Parents who want to understand how to motivate their child/adolescent to enjoy learning.

- Parents who want their child/adolescent to become more responsible and stop tracking each and every move.

- Parents with young children who want them to develop curiosity and a love of learning.

Coming soon